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Amy Weber
Amy Weber
General Information
Born -
Status Inactive: Alpha to Alliances
Style da Vincian, "Cute" Steampunk
Education/ Training Cornish College of the Arts
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artist:"Amy Weber"

Amy Weber is one of the original 25 Magic: The Gathering artists. Outside of Magic she has worked for Rubicon Games[1] and in education.[2] Amy primarily uses oils in her painting and employs a "cute" version of steampunk. Her artwork is often riddled with gears, objects, and numerous da Vincian references that lend themselves perfectly to artifact and artifact-related cards. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Illustration from Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle and a Master of Fine Arts degree in Illustration from Syracuse University in New York. She currently resides in Hansville, Washington and works as a freelance illustrator.[3]

From 1994 to 1995, Weber was the art director of The Duelist.



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