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An-Havva Township. Art by Liz Danforth.

An-Havva is a settlement at the edge of the Great Wood between the Border Gates and the Dark Barony, on the plane of Ulgrotha.

It was founded by pioneers from Aysen, escaping the bureaucratic red tape and tyranny of a close-minded people, and who settled by the Wood. Houses were built, fields plowed, and select fertile sections of the forest were cut down for lumber. An-Havva flourished in its independence, quickly becoming the trading hub between Koskun and Aysen, the breaking point where all the caravans stop for a meal, or even build a house and settle over for the winter. The Autumn Willow watched as the town grew, and became quite fond of its inhabitants, opening for them the Lady's Path.[1]

Healing and growth magic is natural in the wood, but the people of An-Havva have very few amongst them who can do any kind of spellwork. The life and glamour in An-Havva aren't good enough to attract the attention of any good sorcerers, and few sorcerers would want to live in such a frontier town. Despite its people's general mistrust of strangers, personal freedom is really important in An-Havva. Amongst the trees, monsters, dangers, and hardship, everyone is free to live their own life and live each day with a sense of value and self-respect. A tough people, hardened by experience, and used to a rough life, the folk of An-Havva are a strong force for change and new ways of thinking.

Though the city of An-Havva and the other pioneer towns, like Kerselin, are still young, they are an important place in the politics and lives of all of the Homelands, for they represent a place for the different cultures and peoples to come together. But the threat of war ever looms overhead, and if anything happens to the caravans or to Eron, An-Havva will be the first place to burn.[2]

An-Havva Inn[]

An-Havva Inn. Art by Brian Snõddy.

An-Havva Inn is the finest eating and drinking establishments on the road between the Dark Barony and the Border Gates of Aysen. Everyone is welcome there, as long as they behave themselves and pay in good coins or barter. Fine musical entertainment occurs nightly, while merchants and travelers whisper intrigues over candle-lit tables. Located on the Carriage Road, it was frequented by many thieves and rogues as well as young Anaba Minotaurs who tired of the traditions of their culture. Faeries also had at least some dealings with the town, and undead pirates led by Zeki were known there.

An-Havva Inn is truly a wonderful place, is one of the hubs of story and song, and is remarkably free of brawls. In fact, the Constables of An-Havva are the owners of An-Havva Inn and live in one of the upstairs apartments.[2] It was here that the first encounter between Feroz, Serra and Baron Sengir took place.

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