Andi Rusu
General Information
Born Eastern Europe
Status Inactive: Alpha to Alliances
Style Aging, Medieval, Profiles
Education/ Training Cornish College of the Arts
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artist:"Andi Rusu"

Andi Rusu is one of the original twenty-five Magic: The Gathering artists. Outside of Magic, he has primarily done non-gaming work in web design. With Magic, Andi primarily used colored pencils to create a false aging and invoke a Medieval era appeal. His style helped to evoke a very classic feeling for the Legends set where he was the most prolific. Rusu attended the Cornish College of the Arts alongside the original art director Jesper Myrfors[1] and Anson Maddocks.[2] He currently resides in Seattle, Washington teaching web-based design at Cornish College of the Arts.[3]


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