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Anje Falkenrath
Anje Falkenrath.png
Race Vampire
Birthplace Innistrad

Anje Falkenrath is a particularly old scion of the Falkenrath vampire family from Innistrad. She is relentless, ruthless, and cruel even by her family's standards.[1]


Eldritch Moon[]

Anje gathered a hunting pack of her kin after they were corrupted by Emrakul. She had one goal beyond feeding: she wanted to reclaim Castle Falkenrath from the monks who had founded the Heron's Grace monastery on its ruins.[2]

Maid of Dishonor.

Crimson Vow[]

Of all the vampiric bloodlines, Olivia Voldaren recognizes that it is key to control the Falkenraths. Ruthless and cruel on the battlefield, any conflict between the Voldarens and the Falkenraths would result in unacceptable casualties on both sides. In a political move designed to assert dominance, Olivia selected Anje Falkenrath to be her "maid of honor." Anje is an ancient scion, as clever as she is mean. She's totally aware of what being Olivia's maid of honor means and is absolutely furious that she can't do anything about it. She's currently formulating a plan but hasn't gotten much further than "drink a whole lot of blood at the wedding."[3]

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