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Anson Maddocks
Anson Maddocks
General Information
Born Anchorage, Alaska 1968
Status Inactive: Alpha to Time Spiral
Style Surrealism, ultra-realism
Education/ Training Cornish College of Arts
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artist:"Anson Maddocks"

Anson Maddocks is one of the original twenty-five Magic: The Gathering artists; he was last active during Time Spiral. Outside of Magic he has worked on Clout and various White Wolf products. Maddocks works with a large variety of mediums and draws from numerous inspirations, but is probably most renowned for his work on minotaurs. Early on he was one of the few artists to employ realism, but often combined it with the surreal. Maddocks attended the Cornish College of Arts.[1] and Andi Rusu.[2]

Maddocks is often contributed with helping to shape the direction of Magic artwork and his Hurloon Minotaur depiction became the initial face of the game.[3] He grew up in Sitka, Alaska along with Mark Tedin, he currently lives in Seattle, Washington and does commission based work.[4]



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