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First seen The Duelist #3
Last seen The Duelist #3
Status Warped by the Great Magus War
This page is about the plane. For the set of rules, see Realms of Antausia.

The description of Antausia in The Duelist #3

Antausia is a plane. Its story and geography have been recounted by the scholar Valdusian Tomer. Antausia was detailed in the third number of The Duelist magazine, where it was used as a setting for a game variant similar to Planechase.[1]


Antausia's mana-rich landscapes were exploited long ago by powerful wizards. For nearly 600 years, the Great Magus War raged on in the world. In the aftermath of the war, which ended as wizards became unable to fight due to the altered battlefields, the plane was broken into eight realms separated by a central vortex.[1]


  • Antausian Vortex
  • Bosconius
  • Caverns of Martuk
  • Farreach
  • Icedale
  • Mandrake's Mountain (formerly called Mount Margalus)
  • Open Lands
  • Power Pools of Beldingard
  • Saulvnia

Notable wizards[]

Notes and refererences[]

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