First seen The Duelist #3
Last seen The Duelist #3
Status Warped by the Great Magus War
The description of Antausia in The Duelist #3

Antausia is a plane particularly rich in magical history. Seldom visited by planeswalkers, Antausia has been explored only by its inhabitants. Its story and geography have been recounted by the scholar Valdusian Tomer. Antausia was detailed in the third number of The Duelist magazine, where it was used as a setting for a game variant similar to Planechase.[1][2]


Some magi started to corrupt the magic of Antausia for personal gain, until others, who understood the destructive powers gone unchecked, rose against them. Thus began the Great Magus War, which ravaged the plane for nearly six hundred years.

The war ground to a halt through attrition, but the aftermath was devastating. Entire parts of Antausia were warped by the same magic which gave the world life: some parts blossomed with new life, others tore at the fabric of reality.

Other minor magical wars still continue on the plane, with new names and faces. These new mages, however. seem to have forgotten the principles of their ancestors: they know they have to fight, but their reasons are unclear. Their battles usually take place in the region warped by the War, further fragmenting Antausia in isolated realms.

Realms of Antausia

1. The Caverns of Martuk

Here the great mage Martuk was destroyed by the malignant Mandrake Nightshade. It is said that when Martuk died, he fell within the caverns. When his spirit was released from its mortal shell, his powerful magic was released into the realm, saturating it. This attracted many creatures to the area, in search of this rich source of power. A mage who ventures in the Caverns of Martuk will find these creatures and items discarded from the battle. Wizards will also find it easier to access their own libraries, thanks to Martuk's power permeating the caverns.

This realm acts as a permanent Howling Mine.

2. The Fertile Lands of Saulvinia

People said that the magic that gives Antausia its very existence is cognizant magic. If this is true, Saulvinia proves it. Saulvina escaped the majority of the horrid conflicts of the Great Magus War. Over time, Saulvinia managed to grow and prosper while many other realms withered and died. Here magic is stronger than in any other realm of Antausia, it's almost as if the magic itself sensed that it could flourish here. Unfortunately for Saulvinia, mages have seen this as well, and their battles threaten to make Saulvinia a wasteland.

This realm acts as a permanent Mana Flare.

3. Mandrake's Mountain

When the mighty Mandrake Nightshade finally fell, it happened upon the mountain then called Mt. Margalus. Mandrake had managed to assemble a mighty force, with dragons and pit lords at his back and call. However, these creatures fell to the smaller, stalwart hordes that Selena Mistencharmer and Slides Stardust set upon Mandrake. Fearful of his possible return, Selena and Slides planned to imprison him here, by joining their magics to bond him and any powerful creature which might ever set foot in this realm. This drained them severely and may have led to their eventual demise. Mandrake's Mountain drains all the powerful creatures of their strength and will to fight.

This realm acts similar to a permanent Meekstone.

4. The Fortified Open Lands

The inhabitants of these realms have always been wary of magi. Home to many fine warriors, the Open Lands built up defenses against the random battles of the Great Magus War. The inhabitants erected mighty fortresses and great walls to shield themselves, thinking these would keep the magi out. To the people of the Open Lands' dismay, their fortifications only enticed the magi to battle.

This realm acts similar to a permanent Castle.

5. The Great City of Bosconius

Bosconius is the largest city in Antausia. It seems as large as a small country, with everything imaginable within the immense city walls. Here Rostov Maelstrom destroyed Selena Mistencharmer after the battle of Mt. Margalus. After ambushing the exhausted Selena in her own laboratory, Rostov dispatched her with little difficulty. Selena, however, has been working on a very special artifact, a Celestial Prism that continually tapped into the magic of Antausia. Focusing all her energies, Selena shattered the prism before being slain, releasing its magic throughout Bosconius. Now, a rainbow of every color of the spectrum perpetually shines upon Bosconius, and it is said that the magic of Bosconius can be changed by Selena's eternal rainbow.

This realm acts as a permanent Celestial Prism.

6. The Wastes of Farreach

Even the farthest realms of Antausia were scarred by the Great Magus War. To keep from harming innocent people (or to keep those innocent people out of the way), many magi decided that uninhabited realms like Farreach would be better to resolve magical duels. The distant lands of Farreach were a frequent site of many battles during the Magus War. The magic of Antausia reacted by warping the land into a realm where the libraries used by the wizards would almost work against them.

This realm acts similar to a permanent Kismet.

7. The Power Pools of Beldingard

This realm has always been home to the more potent magics of Antausia. Here could be found many pools filled with pure magical energy. These pools drew the likes of Dinitra La Croix, a sorceress who subjugated the realm for almost eighty years of the Magus War. In an effort to free the realm, Ignatius Firestorm challenged her in her own realm. Dinitra tried to force the land to do her bidding, using the pools to fill her army with further power. Still, Ignatius came, bringing his army with him to challenge the witch. Valdusian himself was a young apprentice in Ignatius' army, eager to set the world straight. He had great pleasure in seeing the look on the sorceress's face when Ignatius' army was powered by the same pools she had tried to use.

This realm acts as a permanent Mightstone.

8. Icedale

Icedale is the coldest, most bitter place in Antausia: its temperature rarely rises above freezing on the best of days. Icedale's swift and icy wind has sent more than one fool to a quick death before he had time to notice. With the environment and the magic of Antausia against them, it's a mystery why the magi still choose to battle in this realm.

This realm acts as a permanent Winter Orb.

9. The Antausian Vortex

At the center of Antausia lies this dread magical vortex. Sages, scholars, and magi speculates that this swirling mass of energy is a physical representation of the magic that binds Antausia together, the magic of Antausia gone awry. Many fools have tried to toy with the vortex, tampering with the power that binds them to the plane. The results of this are completely unpredictable: only the most skillful mages are remotely able to control it. It is believed that the vortex can lead to many other realms of Antausia, but those who have tried to test of the truth of this have not returned to testify.

This realm doesn't have an effect of its own.

Notes and refererences

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  2. Each of these realms should be treated as an World enchantment from Legends, but they can't be disenchanted or otherwise removed. A d10 is used to determine the realm. On a roll of 10, roll the die again twice (disregarding any roll of 9 or 10) to select two realms that are in effect at the same time. After a complete cycle of players, reroll.
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