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Ape is a creature type used for cards depicting great apes (orangutans, gorillas and chimpanzees, but not humans). These powerful primates are found throughout the multiverse, and are mainly constrained to a forest habitat.


The first (and most famous) to bear the type was Kird Ape in Arabian Nights. After Ninth Edition the subtype Ape was also used for monkeys, but monkey was reintroduced in Kaladesh for Wily Bandar. Apes are usually larger and heavier than monkeys, have a more upright body posture and don't have tails.


The gorillas of Yavimaya, at some point during or before the Flood Ages, became a sentient, tribal culture, led by Gorilla Chieftains. They fought against the vines and plant-life that attacked them.

A Gorilla Chieftain had Laina and Kaysa brought to him by his magic-wielding gorilla shaman and warriors; he allied his people with the elves, and aided in the attack against the Heart of Yavimaya, which cleansed the forest. The Yavimayan Gorillas were later seen fighting during the Phyrexian Invasion in the battles for Yavimaya and Urborg.

The gorillas engage in a form of ancestor worship that draws strength from their forebears.[1]


The Sultai Brood of Tarkir use the mandrills (bearing the type "Ape" even though mandrills are monkeys) that live in the canopies of Gurmag Swamp for their dark agendas. This is depicted in Hooting Mandrills,Grave Strength,and Sidisi's Pet

Notable Apes[]

  • Kird Ape. Cheap creature which becomes stronger if you control a forest.
  • Uktabi Orangutan, also known as "Sex Monkey". Popular because of its ability to destroy an opponent's artifacts. The background art on the card depicts monkeys in a position that resembles the sexual act, hence the appellation. The flavor text of the card reinforces this interpretation, as it refers to monkeys in gold coats marrying. In Unhinged, there was a parody of the card, called Uktabi Kong, with a larger version of the original Orangutan in the foreground, and an expectant pair of monkeys in the background. The effects of that card are relevant to the act, too, allowing you to tap two Apes to generate another one.
  • Apes of Rath, a wordplay on John Steinbeck's Grapes of Wrath.
  • Grunn [1]
  • Kogla


Token Name Color Type Line P/T Text Box Source Printings
Ape Green Creature — Ape 3/3
Token Name Color Type Line P/T Text Box Source Printings
Ape Green Creature — Ape 1/1
Green Creature — Ape 3/3
Test cards
Token Name Color Type Line P/T Text Box Source Printings
Gorilla Green Creature — Gorilla 2/2

Creature Update[]

Creature types changed into Ape include:


  • Sol Grail is an anagram of "Gorillas." It got this name because at one point during playtesting, every single card in Alliances had the word "Gorilla" in its title.[3] That happened because the design team was annoyed that the continuity team was planning to throw out their carefully planned story in favor of one about intelligent gorillas on a rampage.
  • Treetop Village (located in Gorrilla-riddled Yavimaya) can become a 3/3 Ape Creature.[4]
  • Thieving Amalgam is an Ape Snake.


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