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Race Human
Birthplace Bant, Alara
Lifetime Mending Era

Aran is a young man from Bant (Alara). Aran is described to have faith and innate goodness.[1]


Aran became Elspeth Tirel's loyal squire, when she took him into her service after the death of his parents. Not originally native to Valeron, Aran was with Elspeth when they saw the flying cathedral of the angels, the singular moment that Elspeth vowed to never leave Bant. Years later, Aran accompanied Elspeth on her journey to the Rhox monastery near Fort Dawnray. Approaching the monastery they saw blood splattered on the door. Aran first believed that bandits were the cause of this, but Elspeth discovered that a monk had killed his brethren in the night. The boy proved his innate goodness by asking the angels to cleanse the monk's soul. After entering the monastery they were soon confronted by for the first time by zombies from Grixis.

Much later Aran fell in the war against the beings from Grixis. Elspeth revived him, despite the many laws against such an act. He later awoke in a bed after being healed by a balmgiver. He then suggested that Elspeth should lead this war. However, the guilty planeswalker knew she had to leave the plane.

Story appearances[]

Title Author Publishing date Set Setting (plane) Featuring
Honor Bound, Part 1 Jenna Helland 2009-04-23 Alara block Alara Elspeth Tirel, Aran
Honor Bound, Part 2 Jenna Helland 2009-04-30 Alara block Alara Elspeth Tirel, Aran
Honor Bound, Part 3 Jenna Helland 2009-05-07 Alara block Alara Elspeth Tirel, Aran


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