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Race Merfolk
Birthplace Unknown
Lifetime Unknown

Araumi, of the Dead Tide is a merfolk from an unknown plane.

History[edit | edit source]

Royalty of a small merfolk kingdom, Araumi always dreamed of something more. She ran away from home and flagged down a passing ship. Once aboard, she was greeted warmly by the humans crewing it. They told her incredible stories of the outside world, and she regaled them with tales of the splendor of her kingdom.

Tragically, the humans on board the ship were actually pirates. Upon hearing of these great treasures, they immediately subdued Araumi and changed course to the merfolk kingdom. When Araumi came to, she found her home in ruins, being looted by the pirates. It was then her substantial magic activated, dragging the pirates to their doom and reanimating them as undead thralls. Araumi now waits beneath the waves, delivering the same fate to every pirate ship that passes.[1]

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