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Archons is a creature type describing mystical celestial beings that are heavily aligned with the principles of White, have obscured faces, and always appear on a flying steed (a winged lion, bull or other creature).[1]


Archon is a Greek word that means "ruler", "magistrate" or "lord". Fitting this, some archons warp the game by imposing a significant restriction, most famously Blazing Archon.

Archons symbolize White's harsher aspects like its moral rigidity and ferocious retribution, while angels have a more varied role, generally leaning towards compassion and mercy.[2] Originally, archons seemed to be mirror-images of the black Specters, hooded beings that also ride flying mounts. Nonetheless Modern Horizons 2 introduces the mono-black Archon of Cruelty.



The flavor text of Krond the Dawn-Clad implies that archons might be created, naturally or by white-aligned mages, as embodiments of concepts, something supported by the fact that many archons are directly associated with said concepts. Unlike them, however, Krond appeared to be a solar deity.


Archons of Arcavios are similar to those from other planes, except having giant owls as their mounts.


Archons on Eldraine ride winged stags, and appear to wield weapons fashioned after their steeds' antlers. Not much is known about Eldraine archons, but it is implied they're part of its fair folk and likely more benevolent than on other planes since one watched the Kenrith twins from the trees and protected them from goblins.[3]


Archon of Coronation comes from Fiora; its stance on the local political drama is unknown. It rides an eagle.


Archons manifested on Shadowmoor, among them the Archon of Justice, who apparently manifested as a reaction to the darkening of the plane in order to defend their associated concept. They ride winged stags.


On Ravnica, Archons seem to be closely aligned to the Azorius Senate, who embody the law on the plane, as opposed to the angels that are leaders of the Boros Legion or within the Orzhov Syndicate; guildless Archons are featured in the first block, but currently they are mostly found within the Azorius.[4] Their presence is strong enough that people willingly submit to them and cease fighting. They ride lions and large winged and horned beasts reminiscent of cats, particularly felidars.


In ancient times, the archons of Theros held a massive empire, tyrannizing the world in the belief that they were imposing strict justice.[5] This was known as the Age of Trax, beginning when the Archons marched from the north and ending with the fall of their empires.[6] The most notable of these Archon tyrants was Agnomakhos, who used the leonin as an army. Eventually, the Archon empires fell, being instead replaced by the poleis, and the remaining Archons now lash at these, slighting the "honor" they feel was stripped from them. These archons are gendered.[7] They stand apart from the gods of the plane, serving a force they deem higher. Theran Archons ride a large variety of mounts, including winged lions and winged oxens.

During their rule, the archons of Theros apparently held some animosity towards the giants. Agnomakhos' actions were justified with the war against the giants, while the hundred-handed ones were the result of archons using magic to twist giants into forms that would make them more monuments.[6]

Archon of Falling Stars[]

The text, known as The Cosmogony, details the battle of an archon and the champions of the gods. Heliod took pity on the archon and gave it a spear almost as radiant as his own in exchange for the rule of law in the world's wildest places.[6]

Ashen Riders[]

Some of the despondent archons took refuge in the Underworld, and their minds, bodies, and spirits were subsequently twisted, turning them into especially monstrous variants who delight in culling mortals.[6]

Archon Steeds[]

Evil creatures, typically bulls or lions, which may or may not be an extension of their rider's will.[6]


The Archons of Zendikar are subordinated to its Archangels and act as their enforcers. Archons and their steeds are actually the same beings, sharing the same mind and will (it is unknown if this applies to all Archons or just the ones on Zendikar).[8] Most Zendikari archons ride winged lions.

Notable Archons[]





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