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DCI Sanctioned
Paper {Cross}
Magic Online {Cross}
Magic Arena {Cross}
Type Constructed
Multiplayer {Cross}
Add. rules Commander
20 life points
Singleton deck:
At least 100 cards
No commander damage

Archon is a democratically managed, 1v1 Commander-variant format for Magic: the Gathering. It is focused on competitive play and all changes to the format are made transparently and with the approval of the community.

Description[ | ]

The format was formed in 2019 and is managed by the "Archon Council", a group of five people who are elected for one year. They are responsible for the proposal of all sorts of new changes to the format, as well as for providing the community with detailed explanations whenever a proposal is put up to a vote. For a change to be approved, it needs to have the approval of, at least, half of the community.

While being a casual format Archon is aimed at players who are interested in playing a commander variant in a competitive setting.

Rules[ | ]

  1. Archon is a variant of the official Commander format by Wizards of the Coast. Archon games use the normal rules for the Commander variant as described in the Magic: The Gathering Comprehensive Rules under rule 903 with the following modifications.
  2. An Archon game is a two-player game.
  3. In an Archon game, each player’s starting life total is 20.
  4. Archon games do not use the state-based action described in rule 704.5.v of the Comprehensive Rules, which causes a player to lose the game if they’ve been dealt 21 or more combat damage by a commander.
  5. Archon decks are not subject to the deck construction rule 903.5a. Instead, each deck must contain at least 100 cards, including its commander(s). In other words, the minimum deck size is 100 and there is no maximum deck size.
  6. Archon uses a sideboard as described in Rule 100.4 of the Comprehensive Rules with the following modifications.
    (a) You may only have up to one card within your sideboard if it is your Companion.
    (b) This card may not enter the game unless it is through its Companion ability.
  7. In a tournament, players must designate their primary commander(s) and are not allowed to designate other cards as their commanders(s) for the first game of each match. If decklists are used, the primary commander(s) should be highlighted. Players are, however, allowed to change their commander(s) at the beginning of every other game of a match. The new commander(s) must be chosen from the deck, be legal, and have the same color identity as the primary commander(s). Players may keep those cards face down as they’re chosen, but each player must indicate which face-down card they are choosing.

Card legality[ | ]

Players may only use cards as specified in rule 3.3 of the Magic: The Gathering Tournament Rules. However, gold- and square-bordered cards are also allowed in Archon tournaments as long as they are not distinguishable from the rest of your deck. This can be achieved by using opaque sleeves, for example. The following cards may not be used in Archon:

Banned in Archon[ | ]

The following cards are banned in Archon (as of March 2024. Please refer to the official Archon website for the official banlist):

Banned as a commander[ | ]

The following cards can not be played as commanders, but they are still legal otherwise:

Banned as a partner[ | ]

The following partner cards can only be played as a commander on their own, but they are still legal otherwise:

Banned as a companion[ | ]

The following companion cards can not be your companion, but they are still legal otherwise:

Voting[ | ]

Members of the community can vote on the official Archon Discord server. The voting process follows these rules:

  • Four of the five Archons will need to be in favor of a change for it to be put to the vote.
  • The threshold for a change to be approved by the community is more than half of all votes.
  • There are three options in a regular vote. Against, in favor, and blank. Any vote that does not reach either more than half of the positive votes or more than half of the negative votes will be automatically held again two months after the day when the results are released, this time without the option of a blank vote.
  • There is a mandatory six-month delay between votes on the same issue, excepting votes that are held again automatically as the result of an inconclusive result. Revotes have to be approved by a simple majority of the Community Mods before they are presented to the community.

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