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Arcum Dagsson
Race Human
Birthplace Terisiare, Dominaria
Lifetime ~2890-2956 AR
'The Eternal Ice, The Shattered Alliance, Coldsnap

Arcum Dagsson was a researcher in the Kjeldoran city of Soldev during the Ice Age.


He and the other Soldevi machinists studied ancient artifacts, particularly those from the Brothers' War, and used their designs to create their own versions.[1] He intended to use the artifacts to aid Soldev and Kjeldor, but the excavated Phyrexian War Beasts, as well as his own Steam Beasts, went out of control due to the meddling of the Soldevi Adnates and destroyed the city. Following this catastrophe, Dagsson devoted his life to making amends for the damage he had caused and played a significant role in stopping Heidar's Ice Phyrexians.[2] He died of a heart attack not long after.

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