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Race Kor
Birthplace Zendikar
Lifetime Mending Era

Ardenn is an kor scout from Zendikar. As an archaeologist, he focuses on finding ancient kor artifacts


When the Skyclaves of Zendikar rose once again, many of them had previously been destroyed. While the entirety of the ruins took to the skies, broken-off chunks did not necessarily reattach. This resulted in free-floating structures, out of reach of the average adventurer. While Zendikar is rife with talented line-slingers, few were interested in risking their lives to access these obscure ruins—not when the "accessible" Skyclaves were filled with treasures of their own.

But dangerous, unexplored ruins were exactly what Ardenn was looking for. As an archaeologist focused on ancient kor artifacts, the Skyclaves were his dreams come true. He had no interest in pursuing the beaten path and put his line-slinging skills to the test to explore the free-floating fragments. So far, his expeditions have been successful. Ardenn has discovered forgotten secrets from Zendikar's history and mysterious artifacts he has only just begun to understand.[1]

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