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The Arena Decathlon is a yearly tournament with ten formats on Magic: The Gathering Arena, taking place around the Christmas season. The first Arena Decathlon took place on December 18, 2021[1], with the second starting on January 1, 2023[2].

Description[ | ]

The Arena Decathlon is a two-week semi-competitive event that takes place over ten events, with a final for those who won enough of the individual events. Each event is a different format, with two events every three days. Events cost 2,000 gold or 400 gems and limited events are Phantom. Players can win seven best of one or five best of three, and receive a token for each event in which they win the maximum amount. They also regain double their entry fee (4,000 gold). Randomized packs are rewarded for the lower number of wins.

At the end of two weeks, a final event is held. The number of entries for the final event is dependent on the medals received: one entry at three tokens and two entries at seven tokens. Players with all ten tokens also gain 10 Qualifier Play-in points. The final event has varied in format; the first Decathlon had a 7-win-or-3-loss Traditional Cube Draft, while the second was a single-elimination Traditional Duplicate Sealed (all players have the same pool). Prizes are, in order by wins: a unique Basic Land art set, a unique avatar, Player Draft tokens, Rare and Mythic wildcards, and the top prize is a singleton complete set of an upcoming Premier Set (Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty for the first, Phyrexia: All Will Be One for the second).

Individual events[ | ]

Date 2022 Format 2023 Format
Day 1 Alchemy; Midnight Hunt/Crimson Vow Sealed Jump In!; Pauper
Day 4 Crimson Vow Traditional Draft; New Player Decks Mixed Dominarian Sealed; Standard Gift Bag
Day 7 Zendikar Rising Phantom Bot Draft; Historic Artisan The Brother's War Traditional Draft; Alchemy
Day 10 Historic; Singleton Kamigawa Neon Dynasty Bot Draft; Traditional Explorer
Day 13 Traditional Standard; Strixhaven Turbo Draft Omniscence Chaos Bot Draft; On the Edge (Streets forward)

Finals[ | ]

The prizes listed are cumulative; each record has the prizes from each prior bracket.

Record 2022 2023
7 Wins Singleton set of NEO N/A
6 Wins Jace, the Mind Sculptor avatar N/A
5 Wins 4 Mythic Wildcards N/A
4 Wins Gold Medal Sleeve Singleton Set of ONE
3 Wins 4 Player Draft tokens 4 Mythic and 4 Rare Wildcards
2 Wins Unhinged Basic Art Phage avatar, 4 Player Draft tokens
1 Win 4 Rare Wildcards Core Set 2021 Showcase Basic Art
0 Wins Decathlon Finalist Sleeve Sundering Titan Sleeve

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