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Plane Dominaria (plane)
Part of Terisiare
Status Became Kjeldor
Formerly part of Thran Empire
Later part of Kjeldor

Argive was the most northerly of the three coastal kingdoms of Terisiare on Dominaria, and homeland of Urza and Mishra.

The Thran Empire had left many artifacts in the region, which were excavated by the Argivian archaeologists and restored by the Argivian blacksmiths.[1] Argive was ruled by a monarchy until the outbreak of the Brothers' War, where Urza was all but given the powers of the king. Argivians were known for their cold, astute mannerisms. There was a class of nobles with much influence, of which the Brothers' parents were a part. Besides an elaborate political system, the Argivians were a rather modern people. They made use of some Thran technologies that had been uncovered, and were described as wearing more contemporary attire, such as vests and slacks, and living in lavish estates. After the war, the country eventually crumbled with the rest of Terisiare's cultures. After the Ice Age, the same region gave birth to New Argive.

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