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Race Golem
Birthplace Esper, Alara
Lifetime After the Conflux

Armix is an experimental filigree golem from Alara.[1]


After the Conflux merged the shards of Alara into a single plane, Esper's new neighbors were less than friendly. After centuries without the materials to create new etherium, the people of Esper were desperate to find the means to make more so the Noble Work could continue. Among those people was the human researcher Breya. She led an expedition into Jund and returned with carmot, the red stone that was the key ingredient Esper had been missing. To test her hypothesis, she created Armix, an experimental golem made entirely of brand-new etherium.

By most metrics, Armix was a great success. After time had passed, however, Armix became violent and unpredictable. The new etherium contained a wild power previously unseen on Esper, whose own etherium supply had been refined and attenuated for ages. While Armix was still loyal and followed orders, it carried out its instructions in a brutal and reckless manner. Breya was pleased with the results, however, and decided it was time for her own Noble Work to begin.

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