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Race Human
Birthplace Bretagard, Kaldheim
Lifetime Mending Era

Arni Brokenbrow, formerly known as Arni Goatleaper, is a human berserker from Kaldheim.[1] He is the current leader of the Tuskeri clan on Bretagard


Leadership among the Tuskeri falls to the clan member who is seen as the strongest, boldest, and most accomplished at any given time. The position of leader can be bestowed as a reward for particularly remarkable feats, which means that the office can pass at any time to the next warrior who achieves something incredible.

When the rumor of rampaging trolls reached the Tuskeri, all the warriors clamored for battle. This was their opportunity to gain power, renown, and a proper name. Arni was among those warriors and managed to track the trolls down. He knew he could not beat multiple trolls at once and decided to use something resembling cunning. He looked at the biggest, scariest troll and said, "I challenge you, son of a hairless piglet, to a headbutting contest." With a little bit of luck (and the blessings of the Tuskeri clerics) Arni came out on top. He found himself with a new title, leadership of the Tuskeri, and a souvenir permanently lodged in his skull.[2]

Arni’s courageous feats often attracted the attention of Valkyries, one particular pair with the names of Njala and Alajn. Time and time again, Arni has eluded each opportunity to take his seat at the table for the eternal feast in Starnheim. Arni is Njala’s favorite human, and although she wants nothing more than to escort Arni to Starnheim herself, she also secretly wishes for him to fight on to another day.[1]

Arni, along with the other leaders of the human Clans, lead the Bretagard armies against the invading army that swept open Omenpaths during Tibalt's Doomskar. Arni flew on a giant raven along with Kaya and Tyvar Kell to deliver the Sword of the Realms to Halvar and end the Doomskar. On the way the raven was attacked and killed by Varragoth who wished the Sword, and Kaya had to save Arni and Tyvar from the fall using his powers. The three ended up falling close to the Dead Marn, Karfell's army. Arni lagged behind delaying the zombie army and gave Kaya a chance to take the Sword to Halvar. Arni survived the great battle and together with the other leaders of the Clan agreed with King Harald that elves and humans must live in peace until the elves would manage to return to Skemfar.[3]


  • For the launch of the Kaldheim collection, Wizards of the Coast hired musicians PelleK and Jonathan Young to write a song based on Arni. The result was the song Brokenbrow told by both musicians.[4]

Story appearances[]

Title Author Publishing date Set Setting (plane) Featuring
Brokenbrow Roy Graham with contributions by Jenna Helland 2021-01-22 Kaldheim Kaldheim Arni
Episode 5: The Battle for Kaldheim Roy Graham with contributions by Jenna Helland 2021-02-03 Kaldheim Kaldheim Kaya, Tyvar Kell, Arni, Fynn, Inga, Sigrid, Alrund, Hakka, Varragoth, Cosima, Harald, Halvar, Koma, Niko Aris, Esika, Vorinclex

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