Arrest MMQ
Mercadian Masques Uncommon Mirrodin Common Scars of Mirrodin Common Return to Ravnica Uncommon 
Cost: Mana 2Mana W
CMC: 3
Card Type: EnchantmentAura
Oracle Text: Enchant creature

Enchanted creature can't attack or block, and its activated abilities can't be played.

Flavor Text: Mercadian Masques Common : Orim had no memory of the previous night—the first thing she could remember was waking up with the dead guard's blood on her hands.

Mirrodin Common : "Unfortunately, it doesn't restrain the beast's smell."
—Glissa Sunseeker

Scars of Mirrodin Common : Bladehold houses a rogues' gallery filled with the living "statues" of the worst enemies of the Auriok.

Return to Ravnica Common : "We will prove your guilt. We don't arrest the innocent, you know."
—Arrester Lavinia, Tenth Precinct