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Mox Tantalite art card

An art card is a regular sized collectible bonus card that comes with some Magic: The Gathering boosters.[1] Art cards are not Magic cards and are not for gameplay.[2]

Back side of the art card

The front side depicts a piece of art in a horizontal orientation. There are no foil art cards. Instead, all of them are treated with a specially developed gloss varnish that brings out the art.[3] The card backs are mostly blank, with some collector's info (Magic logo, illustration credits, legal text and collector numbers). The backs are left uncoated. They are similar to an artist's proofs and thus provide room to get an artist's signature or sketch on it. They can also be used as tokens for copy effects, proxies, or if it is for a legendary creature it could be a good way to store experience counters, life total, commander tax, etc.


Arts cards were first featured in the Modern Horizons Art Series. They returned for the Zendikar Rising Art Series and Kaldheim Art Series.[4] In these sets, five percent of the time, rather than a normal art card you'll get one with a gold-stamped signature of the artist.[5][6] Every art card exists in both its normal version and its signature version.

List of sets with art cards[]


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