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Creature Type
(Subtype for creature/tribal cards)
Statistics 133 cards
{W} 18.8% {U} 27.8% {B} 6.8% {R} 21.1% {G} 9.8% {W/U} 2.3% {U/B} 0.8% {B/R} 0.8% {G/W} 0.8% {W/B} 0.8% {U/R} 5.3% {R/W} 3% {M} 2.3%
as of Commander 2021
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Artificer is a creature type and class that debuted in Darksteel.

Description[edit | edit source]

Artificers are those who specialize in working with artifacts. Some artificers are merely mundane tinkerers, while others possess magical skill at their craft. Nearly all artificers (except four from Kaladesh) have artifact-related abilities. Goblins, with their love of mindless tinkering, produce numerous artificers.

While not a major tribe, Kaladesh brought two artificer tribal cards: Era of Innovation and Inventor's Goggles.

Storyline[edit | edit source]

On Dominaria during the Ice Age, the Soldevi artificers who studied ancient artifacts from the Brothers' War were known as Machinists. The Zendikari Stoneforgers are artificers who are able to forge weapons from stones. The Kaladeshi Quicksmiths are known to rely on flashes of inspiration rather than careful research.

Creature update[edit | edit source]

In the Grand Creature Type Update the subtypes Archaeologist (Argivian Archaeologist), Smith (Argivian Blacksmith) and Sage (Sage of Lat-Nam) were incorporated into the Artificer class.

Notable artificers[edit | edit source]