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Asari Uprisers
Founded on Kamigawa
Notable members Chiye, Heiko Yamazaki, Isshin, Raiyuu, Risona

The Asari Uprisers are a group of anti-Imperial revolutionaries based in Sokenzan City on modern-day Kamigawa.[1] They were led by the renegade Risona.[2] They are decentralized, and most utilize scraps of metal due to a lack of resources.[3]


The Asari Uprisers aim to overthrow what they see as oppressive, authoritarian Imperial rule. They believe power and technology should be shared rather than hoarded, and that the Imperials are outdated and regressive. Fealty and loyalty are honored. Disloyalty and betrayal are punished. Uprisers frequently clash with Imperial enforcers in the middle of the streets, especially in Sokenzanshi, a mountain city of artisans and artificers that has borne the full weight of the Imperials' restrictive edicts. After the emperor disappeared, the Uprisers began preparing a large-scale coup.

The Uprisers are composed of flat, decentralized ranks of samurai, soldiers, and artillerists supported by their community artisans and inventors. They maintain no formal headquarters, preferring transient meeting rooms sprinkled throughout the city. They are led by Risona, a former Imperial who resigned to protest the current, leaderless regime. She is a charismatic commander who goes out of her way to form a personal connection with everyone who follows her.

The Uprisers focus on practical, physical solutions rather than abstract theories. Their limited resources mean they make do with whatever material they can scrounge together and take pride in caring for and repairing their own gear. Much of their equipment is pieced together from scraps, so no member's gear is the same as another's. Some artisans even pride themselves on never using "new" material.[3]

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