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Race Human
Birthplace possibly Almaaz, Terisiare, Dominaria
Lifetime ~5 - 64 AR
The Brothers' War

Ashnod was Mishra's apprentice at the time of the Brothers' War on Dominaria, and a gifted artificer in her own right.


Ashnod was well known for her sadistic tendencies. She was so cruel that many called her "Ashnod the Uncaring." Throughout the Brothers' War she stood by Mishra's side, leaving him only in the end, when she realized what he had become. Ashnod was the one to give Urza the Golgothian Sylex in the battle of Argoth. Ashnod was always fond of Tawnos, Urza's apprentice, even though they were on opposing sides and she even tortured him once when he was captured. On several occasions she had called Tawnos 'Duck' as a pet nickname. Her most famous creation was the process by which to create the metalloid thralls known as transmogrants.

Shortly before Terisia City fell to siege by Mishra's forces, some of its population escaped under cover of a sandstorm. Among them, Loran fled the city with the sylex, with the intent of keeping it away from either of the warring brothers, or anyone else that might be able to use it. She was later wounded, captured, and relieved of the sylex by Ashnod. During the final battle of the Brothers' War on Argoth, Ashnod and Tawnos were confronted by the demon Gix. Ashnod passed the sylex to Tawnos, who conveyed it to Urza while she held off the Phyrexian demon. Immediately prior, Urza had sparked during a face-to-face duel with his brother, and had become acutely aware of the scope of the damage the war had done to the land itself. In remorse, he activated the sylex.

The ensuing Sylex Blast destroyed both armies and the island of Argoth. Ashnod is assumed to have been killed in her duel with Gix, or she could have died from Urza's blast.


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