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Race Human
Birthplace Femeref, Jamuraa, Dominaria
Lifetime ~4176-4196 AR
Mirage, Visions

Asmira, the Holy Avenger, was a prophet from Femeref and the leader of that nation during the Mirage Wars of Dominaria.[1]

Asmira was gifted with supernatural powers of prophecy from an early age. One of her childhood teachers avoided being trampled by a runaway horse when she stepped into a doorway to view a pendant Asmira said would bring luck.

When Mangara came to Jamuraa and started to use his skills in diplomacy to broker peace between Femeref, Zhalfir and Suq'Ata, the mage quickly recognized Asmira's gifts. She moved to Ki'Pama, where she wore a combination of Femeref and Zhalfirin clothing in acknowledgment of the royal court. Although this move distanced her from the hardliner faction in the state church of Femeref, it brought about a mutual understanding between Asmira and Mangara.

When Kaervek began to move against Jamuraa, an early harvest was brought in across the land. Asmira saw this as an omen of war and warned the theocracy of Femeref, but there were but few that believed her. Many thought she was only spreading fear to further her own position and some people who might have supported her earlier renounced her because of her close bonds with Zhalfir.

War did break out, but at first, the only attackers were wild animals and minor spirits. Then suddenly Kaervek made a tremendous blow against Femeref, right in the middle of its capital. He summoned the Spirit of the Night from his homeland of Urborg and sent it against the head of government in Tulumai, the Council of Voices. When the people of Femeref discovered the monster had slaughtered the council, they realized Asmira had been right all along and she was immediately propelled to power as their successor.

Soon after becoming the leader of the nation, Asmira was appointed Sidar, Zhalfirin for general, of the Femeref armies. However, she continued in her capacity as a spiritual leader wherever she went, and under her, the Femeref armies bravely struggled to repel Kaervek's overwhelming forces. Her victories were won not by experience but by instinct and faith.

When the planeswalker Teferi started to aid the people of Jamuraa with visions, the clairvoyant Asmira received them the clearest. She led the expedition to recover Mangara, whom Kaervek had imprisoned in an Amber Prison, from the Mwonvuli.

Although Kaervek's right hand, Purraj of Urborg, slew her while she was freeing the imprisoned mage, her memory continued to live on amongst all the people of Jamuraa. She was given the posthumous title of Holy Avenger for her brave sacrifice.

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