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Race Human
Birthplace Dominaria

Asmoranomardicadaistinaculdacar (IPA: /æzmɔrʌnoʊmɑrdɪkʌdaɪstɪnʌk:uldʌkɑr/[1]), or Asmor for short, was a female wizard and a great cook from Dominaria.[2][3]

History[ | ]

She once summoned a Lord of the Pit named Vincent for a duel but ran out of stuff to feed it. She escaped being eaten herself by entering into his service as a chef for seven years and seven days. She offered to feed him a new dish every single meal so long as he didn't eat her. Vincent agreed, but only on the condition that if he ever became bored with her dishes, he'd have her for the next meal.

Asmor managed to surprise Vincent with every dish that she prepared, and near the end of her service he became wistful and offered her a full job cooking for him without a threat of death. She just wanted to get out of Hell, so Vincent asked her to collect all her recipes for him for when she left. She agreed, but only if she could make copies to sell in the overworld. About 20 copies of the Underworld Cookbook were made, but only two were sold in five months (one to Vincent and one to her mother).

So disgusted with the failure of the cookbook, Asmor told her imps to incinerate the rest of them. The imps got lazy on their way to the furnace and just tossed the books into lava, which didn't singe them, so they threw them into a garbage chute, which exited in the overworld. After the books were found, people started trying to put together her recipes and they ended up being all the rage in the high courts. A lot of ogres, gargoyles, throat wolves, and other creatures that she had described as delicious were now hunted as ingredients. This meant that they had a huge grudge against Asmor and tried to track her down to kill her as soon as she got free.

She decided to write a second volume to the cookbook to get the monsters off her back with entries like "1,001 ways to prepare elf" and a number of dishes aimed at serving the upper class, including methods for preparing goblin princes, dwarven councilors, and elven aristocrats.

Recipes[ | ]

The Underworld Cookbook[ | ]

The Underworld Cookbook, Volume Two[ | ]

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References[ | ]

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