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Race Elder Dragon
Birthplace Tarkir
Lifetime unknown
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Atarka is one of the five elder dragons of Tarkir. She is a robust beast with antlers, horns, and fur. She breathes green flames. The ultimate predator, Atarka spends her days, and most of her nights, hunting and feasting.[1]

Atarka's Brood[]

Atarka and her brood emerged full-fledged from Ugin's dragon tempests and were drawn to Tarkir's mountain slopes. They were driven by hunger alone.

Original timeline[]

Atarka and her brood were revered by the Temur Frontier for their savagery. After Ugin's death, they lost the battle against the clans of Tarkir. No new brood was created and all died. Atarka never reached elder status.

Alternate timeline[]

In the new timeline created by Sarkhan Vol, Atarka's barely sapient mentality proved to be the salvation to the Temur, as Yasova satiated her hunger by feeding her mammoth carcasses, distracting the dragons from attacking her clan.[2] Fearful of the elementalism wielded by the shamans of the Temur, the Atarka dragons eventually initiated a purge that only a few could evade and outlawed the title "Dragonclaw".

Eighteen years after the Khanfall, Atarka confronted Yasova's hunting band after the death of two Atarka and Ojutai broodlings. The band were only saved because Tae Jin had a vision of Nicol Bolas, and impressed Atarka with his tale.[3]

Clan Atarka[]

Led by Surrak, the Hunt Caller, the former Temur of the present remain fairly independent - as long as the dragons are fed. Savagery and strength are their greatest assets. The clan was joined by the Efreet of Qadat (formerly Jeskai Way). They were won over by Atarka's promise to spread the glory of fire to all the world. Atarka is worshipped and fed by her subjects at Ayagor, the Dragon's Bowl. The dragons spend most of their time hunting or fighting among themselves. Atarka serving-goblins coat themselves with grease imbued with noxious herbs, hoping to discourage their ravenous masters from adding them to the meal. The frontier ainok sometimes hunts alongside the humans of the clan. They quickly grab a share of the meat and scatter to their dens before the dragon can notice and catch them.

Within the Atarka, dissent brews as a young shaman, Arel, has visions of a Tarkir without the tyranny of the dragonlords.

Story appearances[]

Title Author Publishing date Set Setting (plane) Featuring
A New Tarkir of Old Kimberly J. Kreines 2014-12-31 Fate Reforged Tarkir Sarkhan Vol, Yasova Dragonclaw, Atarka
Khanfall Kelly Digges 2015-02-18 Fate Reforged Tarkir Alesha, Atarka, Daghatar, Ikra Shidiqi, Kolaghan, Ojutai, Reyhan, Shu Yun, Silumgar, Tasigur, Yasova Dragonclaw
The Call Nik Davidson 2015-04-15 Dragons of Tarkir Tarkir Surrak, Atarka
Chronicle of Bolas: Blood and Fire Kate Elliott 2018-07-18 Core Set 2019 Tarkir, Dominaria Naiva, Darka, Yasova Dragonclaw, Baishya, Fec, Atarka, Tae Jin, Nicol Bolas, Lividus, Ravus, Rubra, Vaevictis Asmadi

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