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Attraction is an artifact type introduced in Unfinity.[1][2]

Description[ | ]

Dart Throw

Attraction with attraction lights

Cardback Attraction

Attraction card back

Attractions represent top-down tropes from carnivals, amusement parks, and circuses (e.g. rides, games, and stands).[3] The card frame of Attractions have the circled numbers 1 to 6 from top to bottom on the right of the text box - these are attraction lights.

Attractions are kept in a separate deck, much like Contraptions, and they don't have normal Magic card backs. The card backs welcome you to the "Astrotorium" and provide the rules for building an attraction deck.

Attractions are artifacts, but they don't have a mana cost. They aren't cast, and in fact, they never even go to your hand. To get them from your Attraction deck to the battlefield, you'll need to open an attraction. When told to open an Attraction, put the top card of your Attraction deck onto the battlefield face up under your control. Each Attraction has attraction lights numbered 1–6 to the right of text box. Different variants of the same Attraction may have different lights lit up. The number 1 will never be lit up, and the number 6 will always be lit up. There are sufficient common and uncommon variants to have all combinations of the four intermediate numbers printed, each with unique flavor text if applicable. For example, if an attraction only has two lights active, there are four variants. This is also true for those with four lights, and those with three lights have six variants. Rare attractions have only two variants each, aside from the unique Ferris Wheel, but they "pair up" to represent all numbers equally across all rares.

At the beginning of your first main phase on each of your turns, you roll a six-sided die. When the lit-up number is rolled, you visit the attraction, and that attraction's visit ability is triggered.

Minigames and prizes[ | ]

Some Attractions offer minigames and prizes. The prize is a reward for winning the minigame offered by the visit ability. Although these Attractions close down after you claim their prizes, you do get to open another to replace them.

Banning[ | ]

In May of 2024, all cards that bring an Attraction into the game were banned in Legacy and Vintage.[4]

Attraction deck[ | ]

The Attraction deck is the collection of Attraction cards that a player plays with.

In Limited formats (Sealed Deck and Booster Draft), your Attraction deck must contain at least three Attraction cards and may contain duplicates. In Booster Draft specifically, Attractions are drafted like other cards in the booster. If you don't draft at least three Attraction cards, you won't be able to use an Attraction deck. In Constructed games, your Attraction deck must contain at least ten Attraction cards and it must be "Singleton," that is, no more than one card with any specific name (even if they have different text or lights lit up). Due to this requirement, Attractions are not playable in Pauper as there are exactly ten common Attractions, but two are Acorn dexterity cards and not legal in the format.

Junkyard[ | ]

If an Attraction would leave the battlefield and go to any zone other than exile, it instead goes to the junkyard. This is analogous to the Contraption deck's scrapyard, as both have independent graveyards. Things that affect the graveyard do not affect the junkyard.

Rules[ | ]

From the glossary of the Comprehensive Rules (June 7, 2024—Modern Horizons 3)

An artifact type seen only on nontraditional Magic cards in the Unfinity expansion. See rule 717, “Attraction Cards,” rule 701.48, “Open an Attraction,” and rule 701.49, “Roll to Visit Your Attractions.”

From the glossary of the Comprehensive Rules (June 7, 2024—Modern Horizons 3)

Attraction Deck
An optional deck of at least three (in limited play) or ten (in constructed play) Attraction cards that can be used to support play with some cards from the Unfinity expansion. See rule 717.2.

From the Comprehensive Rules (June 7, 2024—Modern Horizons 3)

  • 717. Attraction Cards
    • 717.1. Attraction is an artifact subtype seen only on nontraditional Magic cards. Each Attraction has an “Astrotorium” card back rather than a traditional Magic card back and has a column of circled numbers on the right side of its text box. Numbers in white text on a brightly colored background are said to be “lit up” on those cards. Note that multiple Attraction cards with the same English name may have different numbers lit up. You can see each Attraction card’s possible combinations of lights at
    • 717.2. Attraction cards do not begin the game in a player’s deck and do not count toward maximum or minimum deck sizes. Rather, a player who chooses to play with Attraction cards begins the game with a supplementary Attraction deck that exists in the command zone. Each Attraction deck is shuffled before the game begins (see rule 103.3a).
      • 717.2a In constructed play, an Attraction deck must contain at least ten Attraction cards and each card in an Attraction deck must have a different English name.
      • 717.2b In limited play, an Attraction deck must contain at least three Attraction cards from that player’s card pool, and may contain multiple Attractions cards with the same English name.
    • 717.3. Effects can cause an Attraction card to enter the battlefield from the command zone. See rule 701.48, “Open an Attraction.”
    • 717.4. As a player’s precombat main phase begins, a player who controls one or more Attractions rolls to visit their Attractions. See rules 703.4g and 701.49, “Roll to Visit Your Attractions.” This turn-based action doesn’t use the stack.
    • 717.5. Each Attraction card has an ability that begins with the word “Visit” followed by a long dash in its rules text. This is a visit ability. A visit ability triggers whenever you roll to visit your Attractions and the result matches one of the lit-up numbers. See rule 702.159, “Visit.”
    • 717.6. If a card with an Astrotorium card back would be put into a zone other than the battlefield, exile, or the command zone from anywhere, instead its owner puts it into the command zone. This replacement effect may apply more than once to the same event. This is an exception to rule 614.5.
      • 717.6a Each card owned by the same player that has been put in the command zone this way is kept in a single face-up pile separate from any player’s Attraction deck. This pile is informally referred to as that player’s “junkyard.” The pile is not its own zone.

Examples[ | ]

Example 1

Discourtesy Clerk {3}{B}
Creature — Vampire Employee
When Discourtesy Clerk enters the battlefield, open an Attraction. (Put the top card of your Attraction deck onto the battlefield.)
At the beginning of your end step, if you control three or more Attractions, you draw a card and you lose 1 life.

Example 2

Concession Stand
Artifact — Attraction
Visit — Create a Food token. (It's an artifact with "{2}, {T}, Sacrifice this artifact: You gain 3 life.")

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