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Augustin IV
Augustine IV.jpg
Race Human
Birthplace Ravnica
Lifetime ~9,900 - 10,012 ZC

Augustin IV held what is perhaps the most powerful position in Ravnica on paper. As the Grand Arbiter of the Azorius Senate, he was the leader of Ravnica's "technical" ruling body, which has the most legal authority in the entire plane by far, if not the most actual authority. He remained in this position until he was killed by Szadek. Following his death, Leonos II took over his position.


As Grand Arbiter, he presided over the most important legal cases in Ravnica. When such cases were not in session, he would often move from courtroom to courtroom settling disputes. Unlike many in the Azorius Senate who pride themselves on their verbosity, he is known for his brief but eloquent speech, as well as his strong personal authority.

Physical characteristics[]

Blind and legless, he sits on a floating bench that carries him to his desired destinations. As Grand Arbiter he was protected by a soulsworn jury (spirits that swore to protect him "in life as in death").[1]


In Dissension, Grand Arbiter Augustin IV makes plans to reconstruct Ravnica into a place of near pure order and restrictive law.[1] To do this, he takes advantage of the breaking of the guildpact, accidentally, by Agrus Kos when the latter arrests Szadek, the Parun and Guildmaster of House Dimir. Augustin, finding Szadek in prison, kills him and enslaves his ghost. He then sends Szadek to Parhelion to kill the Boros angels and their guildmaster, Razia. This further sets the stage for the need for reformation. Then, after Kos kills the Simic guildmaster Momir Vig, ending Momir's attempt to take control of Ravnica using Project Kraj, Augustin IV calls the senate together and they vote to force Ravnica into martial law under his own guidance. He later meets his end when Kos throws a grounder containing Szadek's spirit. Szadek breaks out of the container and kills Augustin IV by removing his soul. A few months later, after the chaos settles down, the Azorius senate elect Leonos II as the new Grand Arbiter.

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