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Avatar is a creature type. An Avatar is an aspect or projection of a larger power. Avatars are powerful beings, and while most Avatars are benevolent, many are considered to be evil.



Only two known avatars are known to have existed on Alara. Both of these avatars were powerful incarnations of aspects of the plane itself, rather than a deity there.


The Archaics are a race of wise, giant, long-lived beings with an innate talent for magic. They can be seen striding through the Vastlands, exploring sources of magic with their many arms, or contemplating existence through their "eye," which is a magical focus of some kind. Archaics can live for thousands of years; many are thought to have been alive since the Dawning Age. Mages seek out Archaics for their vast knowledge of history and magic, but Archaics tend to communicate in obscure allusions and cryptic metaphors.[1] Also, a being called the Blood Avatar was summoned by the Oriq, though it was defeated by the twins Rowan Kenrith and Will Kenrith. The Blood Avatar was a creature of war, being whose only purpose was to unmake what had stood for centuries.[2]




On the continent of Jamuraa, a cycle of avatars represent the five colors of mana.

  • The Avatar of Hope is a winged creature whose appearance varied from time to time. It represents hope for those who despaired and can appear in times of great need.
  • The Avatar of Will is a creature resembling winged merfolk clad in ornate armor. This avatar can be easily summoned to defeat an enemy whose will was broken.
  • The Avatar of Woe is a powerful humanoid wearing black garments and wielding a large scythe-like weapon. It thrives in times of great death, and can effortlessly slaughter anyone it wants to.
  • The Avatar of Fury resembles a fire-breathing, winged serpentine creature possessing four arms, two of which end in large, metallic spikes.
  • The Avatar of Might is a towering bipedal creature with the head of an elephant and skin resembling bark. It is the largest of the five avatars, although it lacks the flying abilities of the Avatars of Hope, Will, and Fury.


  • Phage the Untouchable
  • Karona was the living incarnation of magic, accidentally created by the Numena before the time of the Thran. The numena knew that she was a threat of the greatest measure, and destroyed her at the cost of their lives.

Her reincarnation was the manifestation of all Dominarian mana, brought into being by the aggregation of Akroma, Phage, and Zagorka, all slain by the Soul Reaper. During her brief existence, she further devastated the already war-torn Otaria and disrupted the very fabric of magic on Dominaria. Her abilities stemmed from that of faith, that anything a being could believe of her, she could accomplish.






Kaldra was an avatar created by the unification of the Kaldra artifacts. When Glissa Sunseeker assembled these artifacts to dispatch Memnarch, he took control of the avatar and turned it against the elf.


Serra's Realm[]

Serra often used an avatar of herself to conduct business all across her plane.


In the Seer's Parables, the origin of the world of Shadowmoor and various aspects of the world are attributed to the powerful Spirit Avatars to be found throughout the plane's history.[6]



  • The Living Lore embodies the Ojutai clan's knowledge and wisdom, becoming more powerful based on the spells that the clan used.
  • Avatar of the Resolute exemplifies the ideals of the Dromoka: strength, unity, and honor. This avatar's power and size vary depending on the power of its allies, further emphasizing those ideals.


Dangerous Avatars known as Death's Shadows can be found on this plane, although some consider them more like demons. They grant enormous power to the weak and damaged ones by putting them in a near-death state, but they are uninterested in people with high vital strength.

Unknown Plane[]


Avatars of the Planes[]

The Planes of Existence have their own Avatars themselves. Currently, there are six known Avatars.


Token Name Color Type Line P/T Text Box Source Printings
Avatar White Creature — Avatar 4/4 Flying
White Creature — Avatar */* This creature's power and toughness are each equal to your life total.
Black/​Red Creature — Avatar 3/6 Whenever this creature attacks, it deals 3 damage to each opponent.
Marit Lage Black Legendary Creature — Avatar 20/20 Flying, indestructible
Kaldra Colorless Legendary Creature — Avatar 4/4



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