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Publication information
Publisher Wizards of the Coast
Publication period March 11–25, 2010
URL Awakenings
Creative team
Writer(s) Doug Beyer
Art director Jeremy Jarvis
Illustrator(s) Vince Evans
Letterer(s) Jino Choi
Preceded By
Journey to the Eye
Followed By
Enter the Eldrazi

Awakenings is a webcomic about Jace, Chandra, and Sarkhan Vol. It follows Journey to the Eye. It was published in three parts in March 2010.

Part 1[]

Akoum Mountains, Zendikar.
Hours after Chandra Nalaar passed the same route, Jace Beleren is guided through the mountains by one of Anowons men. When the pair arrives at Windblast Gorge, the experienced guide is hesitant to cross the hanging bridge because of the ferocious drakes that are known to attack travelers. Jace distracts the drakes with illusions, and they cross safely. The guide is impressed, and asks what Jace is seeking, maybe a lost city or an ancient artifact? Jace confesses that he doesn't know, but that he knows that he has to reach his destination before somebody else does. He contemplates how a task for the prelate of Kephalai became a showdown with a planeswalker, and how a scroll became a quest.

Sensing that Chandra has passed the way before him, Jace guesses that she must have discovered the map like he did and perhaps what it is leading to. When Jace urges the guide to step up, the latter supposes there is a worthy competitor in play and perhaps even an old flame. He assures Jace that they will find her. Meanwhile, Jace shudders with the idea of the young brash pyromancer getting hold of the secret.

While they are following the instructions on the map, the guide finds blood on the trail. A weakened Anowon appears, and explains he has been bested by Chandra and that he has to feed to regain his strength. The guide offers up Jace, but is unexpectedly killed himself. Anowon warns Jace not to run, or "they" will find him. Not about to be bullied, Jace questions Anowon about Chandra and her guide, but Anowon states that he didn't mean them. He is referring to those who dwell within the cage of the world, those whose time will come again. He prophecies that they will find them all and will feed on Zendikar. Anowon realizes that Jace and Chandra are somehow instrumental in freeing the creators of his race. Jace subdues the vampire with his mind magic. Not listening to its ramblings, he only extracts the memories of Chandra from the vampire's mind. And the fact that she is about to uncover a secret that spans worlds and millennia.

Part 2[]

Akoum Mountains, Zendikar.
Hours earlier, as the vampire Anowon bleeds from Sarkhan Vol's blow, Chandra Nalaar fights her new opponent with her fire magic. Once again, she notices that the mana in this place is strong and wild, but that her colored magic is being absorbed by her surroundings. After deflecting her magic with his dragon-transformed hands, Sarkhan admires her power and deems her worthy to be the ash-gift for whom Ugin hungers. He agrees to bring Chandra to the Eye of Ugin and they leave Anowon behind.

Jace Beleren later follows the trail of Anowon's memories, tracking his fellow planeswalkers. He still wonders about "the invisible eye" and the "sheer fire" and fears that the others will beat him into uncovering the secrets of the Dragon Scroll.

Meanwhile, Chandra fails to find meaning and Sarkhan's ramblings but follows him anyway. When they enter the Eye, a crystalline cave filled with hedrons, Chandra realizes that the power contained within is its real secret. Sarkhan says that a sacrifice is needed to unlock the prison, but Chandra declines to be part of that. The Sarkhan transforms himself fully into a dragon and attacks Chandra, intending to sacrifice her to the voices he keeps hearing.

Part 3[]

At the entrance of the Eye of Ugin, Akoum Mountains, Zendikar.
Finding the wounded Anowon, Jace Beleren persuades the vampire to guide him inside. Anowon explains that the Eye is not a treasure that can be plundered, but a chamber that keeps the Devourers locked away. Not heeding this warning, Jace is distracted by the sight of Chandra Nalaar fighting an enormous dragon. He joins the fight on Chandra's side but they notice once again that colored mana seems to be ineffective in this place. Although he feels that their presence has unlocked something, Jace urges Chandra to use the "sheer fire", which makes use of colorless mana. Chandra finds a way to make the invisible fire work, and manages to defeat Sarkhan with its power. Jace is incapacitated by the blast.

Chandra carries Jace outside. When he recovers they wonder about what just happened. They feel they have been manipulated by someone to come to the Eye of Ugin, confront Sarkhan and use the invisible fire. As Chandra decides to investigate the person who has led her to the Dragon Scroll, the two planeswalkers fail to recognize the signature on the mountainside above them.

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