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Race Elf
Birthplace Eldraine
Lifetime Born before the Mending Era

Queen Ayara is an ancient elf from the days of the Elven Kingdom on Eldraine, who still reigns over the court of Locthwain.[1][2]


Also known as the Shadow Queen, she remained as ruler of Locthwain rather than withdraw with her brethren into the Wilds after the elven courts had lost their hold on the Realm. Ayara looks youthful (due to the Cauldron of Eternity), but she has buried many lovers through the years. She usually wears a magnificent black gown with a purple bodice trimmed in gold with miniature goblets in the fashion of Locthwain. A gauzy black veil half conceals her features, but her beauty and proud strength are evident to all. Her dark eyes have an expression as unreadable as it is daunting.

While her official royal title is First of Locthwain, the denizens of the realm also often refer to her as the Widowed Queen, a reference to the many spouses she has wed over the centuries. Ayara weds those champions of Locthwain who seek the Cauldron on the evening before they set out on their (ultimately fatal) quests. By tradition, a year and a day after a champion has set off on the quest, Ayara declares the champion lost and holds a funeral party. More often than not, the party carries over into the next day, transforming with the new dawn into a wedding feast for the queen and her next champion-spouse.

Ayara secretly partakes of the Wild Hunt, although it is outlawed in the land. However, she also works to foster peace between man and elf.

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