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Azami Ozu
Race Human
Birthplace Kawabe Province, Kamigawa
Lifetime ~3700 AR
Everything, Told in Whispers

Azami Ozu was the head archivist at the Minamo School on Kamigawa.


Azami grew up in the Kawabe Province. Her father was in the military while her mother studied soratami lore. Her parents were often busy with their work and had little time for either her or her brother.

Azami was fascinated with her mother's magical texts and would often take them and read them by the river, though her mother had forbidden her from reading them. On one of these occasions, Azami was visited by a river spirit whom she assumed was a great kami, a much more important deity. The kami made a pact with Azami who said she would give everything in the pursuit of knowledge. About a year later while Azami was at the river, her mother noticed she was missing and while searching for her, fell into the river. Because of the kami's words, Azami became convinced that her future importance far outstripped the lives of those around her.

The Kami's Will[]

When Azami's mother fell into the river and nearly drowned, Azami spent more time in the library than tending her mother. Within a month, her mother had died. After this event, Azami's father sent her and her mother's library to the Minamo School not wanting to be troubled with raising a daughter.

While at the school, Azami met and befriended Etsumi Urano, and convinced Etsumi to go with her to Kitanosu Temple, located within nezumi territory, to find ancient hidden scrolls. The nezumi attacked them and during their fight, she was forced to choose whether to save the scrolls or her friend. Azami left Etsumi behind, deeming the scrolls more valuable.

Atsuko Shimazaki, the head of the library, became Azami's rival within Minamo School. During a picnic, under the pretense of offering a truce, she served her poisonous mushrooms. Azami consumed only enough to make herself ill, but Atsuko was killed by the poison after a long and painful illness. All thought it a mistake.

Eventually, Azami became the head librarian of the greatest library in Kamigawa at the Minamo School.

During the Kami War hunters brought back the river spirit Azami had spoken to as a child. She studied the creature and came to realize that it had no great powers. She alone was responsible for all the deaths, but for her successes as well. Azami was vexed at having been deluded all her life but did not mourn the dead.

During her time as a librarian, she purposely let the students gather clues about the spirit known as The Unspeakable to study their experiences.

It is unclear whether Azami survived Hidetsugu's attack on Minamo School.

Story appearances[]

Title Author Publishing date Set Setting (plane) Featuring
Everything Gwendolyn Kestrel 2004-10-01 Champions of Kamigawa Kamigawa Azami Ozu
Told in Whispers Rei Nakazawa 2004-10-01 Champions of Kamigawa Kamigawa Azami Ozu

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