Azorius Senate

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Colors: Mana WMana U
Mechanics: Forecast / Detain

The Azorius Senate is the Mana WMana U guild from the plane and city of Ravnica.


The Azorius Senate hates action. Action, they believe, leads to crime and disorder. By developing Ravnica's legal system to be so complex and incomprehensible to anyone but themselves, they hope to create a system where everything, anywhere, is illegal. From the legal to military to magical, Azorius members use tactics of delay, distraction, and prevention.

Also known as: The High Judges

Guild Leader: Grand Arbiter Augustin IV. Augustin has presided over the Azorius for decades, dispensing judgement with cold efficiency. He is blind, like justice should be.

Guild Champion: Isperia the Inscrutable. A seemingly immortal sphinx who provides cryptic advice to the Azorius leaders which only they can understand.

Parun: The Human High Judge, Azor I

Guild Hall: Prahv, Spires of Order. It is a veritable city of marble and alabaster, a maze of long, echoing corridors and domed chambers. Tight rows of soldiers, spotlessly outfitted, guard the whole campus. But it is the guild's powerful law-magic, not the swords of its standing guard, that protects Prahv.

Values: The Azorius believe that their laws and the preservation of those laws are responsible for maintaining the Guildpact. In fact, they believe their rigid system of governance is responsible for keeping nearly everything on Ravnica running smoothly. Justice is blind, as the saying goes, and that includes the guild's blindness to dissent, chaos, and crime.

Goal: Creating absolute order by placing countless laws and rules to hinder any change of the status quo.

Colours: White and Blue

Featured Set: Dissension

Structure: Absolutely hierarchical. Most Azorius functionaries report to one superior and have two guild members that report to them, creating a pyramidal command structure.

Signet: Azorius Signet. Their signet is a labyrinth within a triangle, signifying the intent of the Azorius laws- to confuse and befuddle anyone trying to work their way through them.

Artifact: Walking Archive

Gameplay Mechanic: Forecast. Cards with forecast may be revealed from your hand for their forecast cost. This allows you to use its forecast effect, usually a toned-down version of the card's effect if you just played it. For example, "creatures you control get +1/+1 until end of turn" would probably be forecast as "target creature gets +1/+1 until end of turn." However, sometimes a card will have a Forecast effect that costs more than actually playing the card, which will either benefit the card when it does come into play, or combo with its 'comes into play' ability. For example, one could forecast Plumes of Peace and then play it. Another example is the card Pride of the Clouds. A player would Forecast it a few times, and then play it.

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