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Azra is a creature type introduced in Battlebond.

Azra are native on Kylem and have a distant demonic ancestry.[1] They have the appearance of a horned human with purple, blue or dark skin. Their horns have different shapes for different individuals. Males also have horny appendages on their chins. Their facial shape can shift into a purely demonic snarl when they feel threatened.

Wealth, taste, and trickery are the Azra's primary interests. They love anything gold and shiny and aren't afraid to show off their wealth. Thus, most Azra become merchants, though others seeking quick coin might turn to a life of crime as rogues, assassins, or mercenaries.

Notable Azra[]



  • The creature type has similarities with the tiefling race, known from Dungeons & Dragons, but lacks the tail.
  • Modern Horizons features an Azra Ninja: Azra Smokeshaper.
  • Due to being introduced in the supplemental product Battlebond, Azra is one of two black-bordered creature types that have no cards with its printed type ever have been legal in Standard - the other is the token-based Fractal, which has one card printed in a Commander side-release.


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