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Bablovia is a plane in the Un-iverse.[1][2][3] It is a steampunk 'mad scientist world'.[4][5]


The Carta Scientia (Science Charter) is the oldest document in all of Bablovia, and shaped its current political structure.[6] The most famous quote from it is "We cannot understand anything until we first understand the world around us." It stipulated the idea that the plane would have governments formed around the basic sciences — biology, chemistry, physics, etc. Unfortunately, the people who wrote it just didn't understand basic human nature. Instead of encouraging people to appreciate science as a means to see the world, it turned science into a tool to control people.

Bablovia is a pentarchy, comprising of five distinct organizations, each with its own ruler or government. According to Bablovian law, any change to the overall system of law needs to be agreed upon by these five factions. The lack of an overarching governing body has led to each of the factions dictating the areas that they have control over, those areas being more subject matter than geographical.[6]


Known locations[]

  • Port Gizmo


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