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Background is a legendary enchantment subtype introduced in Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's Gate. Backgrounds interact with Commanders in Commander games.[1]


Monocolored legendary creatures in Baldur's Gate have the ability to Choose a Background to customize your Commander.[2] The bonus comes in the form of an ability your Commander gains or a boost to their Power/Toughness. Backgrounds contribute to the color identity of the Commander. In this way, they function similarly to partner.[1]

Legendary Background cards represent the story that brought your commander to the point where we find them now. They were inspired by the backgrounds created for Player Characters in a game of D&D. The Flavor text is inspired by Dungeon Master's descriptions. The art doesn't feature true ‘faces’. They are occluded or veiled or masked, to help players insert themselves or their commander into the art mentally.

Faceless One[]

Faceless One is a colorless enchantment creature, and can be your Commander in addition to another background.[1]