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Bani Bakur was a human woman of the city Ardestan on Shandalar who believed in the champion Kenan Sahrmal, although he had not shown himself for years.[1] She and her duel-sister, Ravash Mog, fought off undead in the Shadowwood. They traveled to the Catacombs to look for Kenan Sahrmal; instead, they found Lim-Dûl, who called himself Magus. Bani believed he was Sahrmal's most recent mortal form, but Ravash fell down a pit due to Lim-Dûl's magic.

Bani left the Catacombs intent on killing Tevesh Szat, whom Lim-Dûl said caused the world to suffer. Bani and three other soldiers, one named Anthanor, attacked Szat. The real Kenan Sahrmal appeared, and Tevesh Szat and Leshrac left Shandalar. Bani, realizing she had been used, beheaded Lim-Dûl.

Twelve years later she was a commander of Ardestan, and fought against Lim-Dûl's hordes of undead who assaulted the city. Lim-Dûl had spirit-leaped into Sahrmal's body right before Bani beheaded him, thus staying alive at the hero's expense.