Bant is one of the 5 Shards of Alara.

It represents Mana GMana WMana U.

Bant: A Golden Utopia

Shard colors: Mana GMana WMana U

Theme:Protection - Protect your assets or destroy anything that would harm them

Without the destructive or selfish impulses of red and black mana, Bant has become a golden utopia. Angels rule the realm with benevolence and grace. Humans and the birdfolk called Aven resolve their conflicts with ritualized combat. Duty and honor are the bedrock of this kingdom of light. The Empyrial Archangel is the ruler of this shard.

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Lands: Seaside Citadel, Bant Panorama

Ultimatum: Clarion Ultimatum

Titan: Empyrial Archangel

Charm: Bant Charm

Shards of Alara
Bant Mana GMana WMana U
Esper Mana WMana UMana B
Grixis Mana UMana BMana R
Jund Mana BMana RMana G
Naya Mana RMana GMana W