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Creature Type
(Subtype for creature/tribal cards)
Statistics 31 cards
{B} 3.2% {R} 87.1% {G} 3.2% {B/R} 3.2% {R/G} 3.2%
as of Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths
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Barbarian is a creature type and class. Barbarians are unorganized fighters, usually from primitive and/or uncivilized cultures. Many barbarians charge into battle in a state of madness, an ability that is reflected on several barbarian cards by abilities that require the player to discard. Many barbarians have first strike and/or haste, representing their ferocity. Barbarians are centered in red.

Barbarians debuted as a creature type in Ice Age, but Alpha 's Keldon Warlord gained the type retroactively. The barbarian creature type has been by and largely supplanted by the warrior and berserker types; the last Barbarian being printed in Coldsnap.

Barbarian organizations / locations[edit | edit source]

Notable barbarians[edit | edit source]