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Basilisk is a creature type describing giant, many-legged reptiles that can turn their enemies to stone with their gaze.[1]

Basilisk mainly appear in green. The first creature to bear the creature type was Thicket Basilisk in Alpha. In all, more than ten different Basilisks are printed. They usually have a variant of "Whenever ~ deals damage to a creature, destroy that creature at end of combat" (also known as "Basilisk" or "Venom"), or "deathtouch".



Basilisks are used in the Trial of Strength dedicated to the god Rhonas. It must be won by acquiring a basilisk scale.[2]


Jared Carthalion summoned two of them to help in the fight at Castle Melmereth; both were killed, one by Ravidel himself.

During present-day Shiv, many basilisks routinely wander the barren wastes. Others were found on the continents of Jamuura and Otaria.


Unlike most basilisks, the Lowland Basilisk dissolves their victim into flowstone.


The basilisks on Ravnica were the result of Simic experimentation.


Reptilian monsters with a venomous bite and a deadly gaze, basilisks are an unpredictable threat for travelers through remote wilds. They range from a few feet to almost twenty feet long and can move with startling stealth and speed. Despite the dangers in acquiring it, there is a market for basilisk blood. Healers use diluted blood in potions and oracles use it in prophecy rituals. It's said that Pharika hid many secrets in basilisk blood, although most die trying to learn them.[3]


Basilisks are six-legged lizard-like reptiles with large horns and long tails. A creature that meets the gaze of a basilisk turns instantly to stone. They are common in the wooded regions of Guul Draz as well as the Turntimber forest of Ondu.[4]




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