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Basri Ket
Basri Ket
Race Human planeswalker
Birthplace Naktamun, Amonkhet
Lifetime Born c. 4540 AR
Center: {W}

Basri Ket is a Human planeswalker and sand-mage from Amonkhet.[1] He's a paladin devoted to Oketra, who evangelized the virtue of solidarity. His magic appears as a swirling golden aura of sand.[2]

Appearance and characteristics[ | ]

Basri Ket is a charismatic young man with black hair and a short black beard, and dark brown eyes.[3] He is 6' tall and was in his early 20s in 4562 AR. His armor is white and gold colorered with lazotep accents; the woven breastplate has an abstraction of Oketra's face across the chest. An empty bandolier that was meant to hold his cartouches hangs from his belt. The base of his spear is one of Oketra's arrows — specifically the one that he retrieved in the Trial of Solidarity — fitted with a curved blade. He's a master of group tactics and strategy. When he uses his magic, he surrounds himself and his allies with a golden aura of sand that allows him to absorb the injuries of his allies and enhances the abilities of anyone within it.[3]

Basri believes in fighting for the people around him - and has the perfect set of powers to do so. [4] He protects himself and others with his golden aura of sand and can take damage in place of his allies. Thanks to his power and natural charisma, Basri always has someone to fight alongside him.[4] Basri Ket was centered in white mana.

History[ | ]

From an early age, Basri Ket idolized Oketra — Amonkhet's god of Solidarity — and tried to follow her teachings to the letter. Basri wanted nothing more than to prove himself to her by completing the Trial of Solidarity, and not long before the Hour of Devastation, he got his chance. During the Trial, Basri used his power over sand to shield his crop.[3] Thanks to his leadership, his crop survived the ordeal with no casualties, and Basri himself claimed Oketra's arrow to finish the Trial. In a moment of pure elation, Basri's latent Planeswalker's spark ignited and he found himself on another plane. Believing this to be a calling from the gods, Basri spread Oketra's teachings across the Multiverse and lived by her example. When he finally learned the truth of what he was, he was eager to return home, but when got back to Amonkhet, it was a smoking ruin. Oketra was dead, and everything he had believed turned out to be an elaborate lie.

With nothing to hold onto, Basri experienced a crisis of faith. Refusing to give in to despair, Basri saw his people struggling and hurting and understood that he still had a job to do.[3] He rounded up the injured and weary, encouraged them with what he knew, and realized that Oketra's teachings were still true. Her teachings of truth, respect, and solidarity lived on in her people and through him. Driven by his faith, he uses his powers to bolster his comrades on the front lines and to become a force for good in the Multiverse.

Artifacts acquired[ | ]

  • Basri carries a spear fashioned from one of Oketra's arrows, which he recovered in the Trial of Solidarity, modified with a curved blade.

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