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Not to be confused with Batch.

Batching is a R&D slang term used for the action of taking various (preexisting) game components and then connecting them into a larger group with a new word.[1] Mark Rosewater sees batching as a design tool with interesting design space.[2]

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  • Historic was the first example of batching.[3] It collectively refers to artifacts, anything with the legendary supertype, and Sagas. The keyword refers to historic largely in the context of cast spells or cards off the battlefield, though three refer to historic permanents.
  • Party is a mechanic that batches Cleric, Rogue, Warrior, and Wizard.[4] The keyword refers to creatures controlled, and the designs in its debut set Zendikar Rising used it to return a numerical value - one digital design refers to it like a type, and uses expanded in later sets.
  • Modified is a batching term formally introduced in Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty. It refers to creatures that are equipped, enchanted, or have counters on them. By definition, Modified creatures can only exist on the battlefield, and are treated like a normal subset.



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