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Battle Royale

Battle Royale
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Set Information
Set symbol
Symbol description Cards used the symbol of their original expansion
Design Bill Rose
Development William Jockusch
Release date November 12, 1999
Plane Dominaria
Serra's Realm
Set size 160 cards
Expansion code BRB[1]
Early Box sets
Anthologies Battle Royale Beatdown
Magic: The Gathering Chronology
Mercadian Masques Battle Royale Nemesis

Battle Royale is a box set compilation released on November 12, 1999. It aimed to introduce players to, and support, multiplayer Magic game play.

Set details[ | ]

Battle Royale contains a box, a guide, four 40-card preconstructed theme decks consisting of white-bordered previously released cards, and a strategy insert for each deck.[2] Each deck contains 2 rare, 8 uncommon and 30 common cards.

Battle Royale Box

Battle Royale box

Decklists[ | ]

deck name
Colors Included
{W} {U} {B} {R} {G}
Chargoyf R G
Cinder Heart B R
Spirit Gale W U
The Deluge W G

References[ | ]

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