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The battle lands are a cycle of allied color taplands introduced in Battle for Zendikar.[1][2]


The battle lands are noteworthy for being one of few dual land cycles with basic land types, along with the original Alpha dual lands, the Amonkhet Dual-colored Cycling Lands, and the shock lands.

They enter the battlefield tapped, unless their controller controls at least two basic lands.

List of Battle Lands


  • A name for this land cycle was not immediately obvious, and suggestions included "base" (they work best with basics) and "tango" ("it takes two to tango") lands.[3][4] The issue was eventually settled by the use of "battle lands" in a Wizards of the Coast article.[1]
  • Between February 13 and April 16, 2017, shops could run a series of fun Standard. If a player participated in six events during this window of time, they received a special Battle land promo card using normal card frame but Masterpiece Series art.[5]