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Saint Bayul was a loxodon and a member of the Selesnya Conclave before the Decamillennial, being the only one that traveled the world, spreading the word of Conclave. He was old and blind, but he was skilled in healing and nature magic. His forehead was adorned by a huge green gem that allowed him to communicate with the Conclave. He was a bearer of the honorary title "Living Saint".

Saint Bayul was returning to the central city of Ravnica just before the Decamillennial. Fonn Zunich, a ledev guardian, accompanied him and was responsible for his protection. Because of the gem, Bayul became a target of an assassination attempt, performed by a suicidal Rakdos goblin, schemed by Savra and Szadek. Bayul managed to survive grievous injuries in a hibernation state, just long enough to allow Fonn to find him again (after she was half-rescued half-kidnapped by Jarad) and instructed her how to stop Savra's plans. Then he passed away.

In-game references[edit | edit source]

It can be said that this character is represented by the card Loxodon Hierarch.