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{{Infobox set|
{{Infobox set|
logo = [[File:BTD logo.jpg|right]]|
logo = [[File:BTD logo.jpg|right]]|
symbol = BTD symbol.jpg|
symbol = BTD symbol.png|
symbol description = Mace |
symbol description = Mace |
design team = [[Paul Peterson]]|
design team = [[Paul Peterson]]|

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Set Information
Set symbol
Themes and mechanics None new
Keywords/​ability words None new
Set size 122
Expansion code BTD

Beatdown is a box set that was released in October 2000.


The name was derived from a slang word that was used at the time. Player's often said the were "applying a beatdown", when creatures were attacking and dealing lots of damage to an opponent. [1] [2] [3] A "Beatdown deck" is essentially a “weenie” deck full of creatures that cost between one and four mana. [4]


Beatdown Box.jpg

The contents of the box set are:

The mural



Aerodoom is a blue / black deck. Survive the early game with removal spells, then take to the skies! Your Drakes, Djinns, and Elementals will have your opponent diving for cover.

The rares in this deck are Blizzard ElementalMahamoti DjinnLeviathan and Fallen Angel.

Ground Pounder

Ground Pounder is red / green deck. It deck contains some of the biggest, baddest creatures ever to stalk the planes of Dominaria. It is designed to get you to the stage of the game where you can drop these creatures onto the table and toll them right into your poor opponent.

The rares in this deck are Ball LightningShivan DragonForce of Nature and Clockwork Beast.


Fourth Edition version of Clockwork Avian (left), Beatdown version of the newly-templated card (right)


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