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Beckett Brass
Beckett Brass.jpg
Race Human
Birthplace Ixalan
Lifetime Mending Era

Admiral Beckett Brass is a leader of the Brazen Coalition on Ixalan.[1][2]


Beckett Brass, as captain of the Scourge, earned a formidable reputation because of both her skills as a sword fighter (wielding her cutlass, Ripper) and her mastery of enchantment magic. A well-known legend claimed that those who sailed on the Scourge were luckier, faster, and stronger than they were before joining her crew. This was credited to the brass figurehead that graced the bow of her ship, which was said to be infused with the captain's magic to give a boon to any loyal crew member aboard. Thanks to this magic, Captain Brass's crew always found the biggest treasures and raided the most rival ships. Many pirates coveted a position on her crew, and some of them deserted their own captains in hopes of finding the Scourge and winning a post aboard. But if any deserters ever found a place in Captain Brass's crew, or if they ever found the Scourge at all, the word never got out. This fact only added to the air of mystery surrounding the captain, her ship, and its magic brass figurehead.

Jareth Wake, navigator of a ship called Squid Eyes, obsessed with discovering the truth. Turning all his expertise to the task of finding her, he designed enchanted compasses, maps, sextants, and calipers, all tuned to a single point: the location of Captain Beckett Brass. He convinced his captain to enable his search by promising that they could plunder Captain Brass's figurehead and perhaps glean some of her magical secrets. But Captain Brass knew when she was being tracked, and she turned to her own trusted navigator and first mate, Lex Briggs. Lex specialized in magically augmenting, and undermining navigational equipment. Her augmentations could create compasses that would point toward great quantities of gold, maps that would reveal the locations of buried treasure, charts that would show the movement of other vessels at sea, and calipers capable of shortening the distance her crew had to travel to reach their desired location. But her magic could also obfuscate her ship's location, obscure maps, and send compass needles spinning off their axes. At Captain Brass's orders, Lex crafted no fewer than six charms to confound Jareth Wake's magic, and the Scourge would probably have evaded him forever if it hadn't been for Swab, the Scourge's goblin prankster. Swab's trickery disrupted Lex's charms just long enough for Jareth to set his course and discover the Scourge at last. the literal collision of the Scourge and Squid Eyes led to the creation of the floating city of High and Dry and, ultimately, the formation of the Brazen Coalition.

Since then, captain Brass has become Admiral Brass, in command of a disciplined, fearsome collection of ships known as the Fathom Fleet. Ships such as the Hangman's Noose (captained by Sedden Dray), the Witch's Windlass (captained by Farrien Goss), the Windbinder (with its helmsmage-captain Kalishah Abban), and Admiral Brass's own Second Scourge have extended her fearsome reputation. Many captains have proven willing to give up some of their own freedom in exchange for the measure of security that comes from sailing under her flag. Pirates of the Fathom Fleet can be recognized by the rope motifs woven into their clothing, celebrating the metaphorical lines that tie the ships of the fleet, and indeed, the whole Brazen Coalition, together.[3]

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