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The seaport of Benalia City is the capital of Benalia in the Domains of Dominaria. Since the Mending it is sometimes referred to as New Benalia, or occasionally as the City of the Seven.[1] Located on the empire's northwestern peninsula, it straddles the large, languid Reitmar River.

The seven clans[edit | edit source]

In the central square of the city stand the Seven Pillars that mark the accord among the seven houses:

The houses use a rotating system that allows each clan to rule a different division - army, navy, treasury, and so on - each year in a seven-year cycle. This has continued for ages, its clumsiness overlooked as the clans couldn't agree on another method of rule.

History[edit | edit source]

The city had a population exceeding 200,000 and was the largest city in Aerona. The prevailing religion was the Church of Angelfire, of which over one fifth of all Benalkin identified as members. This was due to its similarity to the Church of Serra, whose worship of the planeswalker Serra was condemned in Benalia.

Invaded by Phyrexians[edit | edit source]

During the Phyrexian Invasion, Benalia was the first nation victimized by Tsabo Tavoc's specialized killers. When the invasion reached its peak in 4205 AR, Benalia City was razed, and its people scattered.

Besieged by Slivers[edit | edit source]

During the era of the Time Spiral crisis, what remained of Benalia City was besieged by slivers and it became a salt-choked ruin.

New Benalia[edit | edit source]

After the Mending the city was rebuilt as New Benalia, using the white limestones of fallen buildings. With the influx of refugees from Serra's Realm, the Church of Serra regained legitimately. The gates to this new Benalia City are impressive, constructed of the magical Benalish stained glass. They were well over four stories high, set in soaring gray stone walls topped with narrow towers and arches.[2] In the centre of the city rise spires of gleaming white limestone, much of it quarried from the fallen buildings of Old Benalia. These towers hold the city residences of the seven great houses, government and administration. The port quarter does business with merchants from all over the world, and the Benalish navy maintains a large dry dock. The floating buildings of the Church of Serra dot the sky above the city.

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