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Race Sylvok
Birthplace Temple Might, the Tangle, Mirrodin
Lifetime ~4557

Benzir is a Sylvok druid from Mirrodin. He originated from Temple Might in the Tangle.

Benzir was the head druid of Temple Might, the temple where Kessla used to live. There, he taught his fellow sylvok the ways of shamanism and the worship of animals. He was present during the altercation witnessed by Kessla involving the invasion by the Phyrexians where he ordered the arrest and eventual execution of a man named Camik. Benzir would later be compleated under Phyrexia's rule. He continues to practice his previous beliefs, including the existence of a "soul" (a heresy in Phyrexia); and appears to be loyal to Glissa Sunseeker[1].

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