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Beth Moursund was the second Magic Rules Manager, after Tom Wylie.[1] She was also known by the nickname "Bethmo."

She was first hired by Wizards as a netrep in December 1993. In late 1996 or early 1997 she became one of the first L3 judges.

Moursund was part of the "Magic: The Gathering Comprehensive Rules 2007" team working on the Comprehensive Rules Design and Development with Paul Barclay and Bill Rose. She was on the development team for the entire Invasion block and contributed to the development of other sets.



Moursund was the author of the first four volumes of the Magic: The Gathering Official Encyclopedia and the Magic: The Gathering Official Strategy Guide published by Thunder's Mouth Press. She has had articles or columns published in InQuest, The Duelist, and The Sideboard magazines. She wrote the Deck Deconstruction Companion in February 1999.